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Street Surge Technologies

Tech solutions to unblock the transformation of India’s urban infrastructure. Big Data for mobility decisions, AI-driven urban design & planning toolbox.

About Us

We are a technology solutions provider aiming to modernize & unblock the transformation of India's urban infrastructure. We provide on-demand Big Data for mobility decisions, AI-driven transportation planning & urban design toolbox to lower pollution, accidents, congestion & a higher quality of life for citizens. We help make the data-driven case for these upgrades by quantifying the ROI & help city governments create sustainable cities.

Fixing Urban Mobility in India is urgent – personal vehicles are under-penetrated, yet our roads & lungs are choked

Environmental Impact

70% of the world’s most polluted cities are in India. 10% shift to public transportation & Non-Motorized Transport, reduces 18% of the city's emissions & improves air quality.

Road Safety

With 1% of the world's vehicles, India accounts for 11% of the global road accidents fatalities. 1 person dies on our roads every 4 mins.

Public Transportation is deteriorating

Public Transportation is unreliable, has poor coverage & terrible user experience – only the ‘captive’ are forced to use it. Every city has seen their bus ridership decline in the past decade as incomes grow.

CX of our city infra is frustrating, unhealthy & unsafe

Trying to board a bus, walking to a market in absence of footpaths, driving or riding a bicycle through an absence of intuitive lanes, intersections, right of way.

Our Clients

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